The company "New Land" provides holistic services in the field of waste management, recycling, and composting. The company’s purpose is the proper management of organic waste in the food industry, while ensuring human health, and the environmental protection. Organic waste recovery management and the benefits of rebuilding the food chain of the soil are interrelated concepts for a sustainable environment. The incoming solid waste of the food industry is collected and enters the closed buildings of "New Land".
Waste is stored in different areas, depending on the waste type. The time of the initial sorting into recyclable and organic material takes place within 24h from receipt. The supplier companies are informed by e-mail about the completion of the initial sorting as well as any additional information required. The details of the sorting, processing, and final disposal of the organic waste is recorded in company files.

The integrated waste management by the company is based on:

1. The appropriate choice of technologies.
2. The flexibility of handling the conditions created by the incoming raw materials.
3. Proper monitoring and control.
4. The elimination of environmental pollution